You can see some of our work with information below.

Example 1

This was sent to us by an estate agent who wanted their existing out of date plans updating and cleaning up.

There was some extra detail on the original that the client wanted to remove and some extra buildings they wanted to add.

Example 2

This is a good example of a typical sketch to marketing floor plan.

The sketch was done well and it was clearly a difficult and complicated building to measure and draw. We would have liked more detail regarding wall thickness as per our measuring guide but as the walls are a consistent thickness throughout it wasn’t an issue.

Example 3

This is a UK Land Registry compliant lease plan drawn to the correct scales with location map with the building outlined in red and the floor plan to scale with no measurement or details to clutter the plan.

The red line indicates the leased area of the building. The client provided us with the sketches and location map and we combined them to offer a clear document to land registry guidelines.

Example 4

You may recognize this as one or two of the images on our website.

This is a good example of a clear sketch although we would have preferred each floor on a separate page. We were asked to produce both 2d and 3d images in colour and in black and white and a further image to scale. They also wanted to include the gardens both front and back.

Example 5

This was sent to us by a brewery wanting to update the license area on their existing floor plan.

This was fairly straightforward as the existing plan was to scale and the notes were clear enough to add the symbols and a key, required when making a license application. We were commended for the clarity of the new plan and the quick turnaround time.

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