From Old to New

Convert your existing house and floor plans to new updated ones with House Plan Direct.

Convert Your Old House or Floor Plan

Old to New

Do you have old floor plans that need updating? We can convert them and provide you with a fresh up to date representation of the building. We always send you the CAD file, PDF and Jpeg as standard for your records. If your paper plans are in a poor state in most cases we can enhance them enough to create new ones.

We can convert from a file too. If you have old CAD files, pictures or PDF’S, we can convert those to new for you. In fact, we can convert from most file types so don’t hesitate to contact us through the contact form on the website.

We often receive old marketing plans from homeowners and estate agents with changes and measurements marked on them to convert to scale plans. Equally, we convert many scale plans from architectural drawings to floor plans suitable for marketing.

Need to create an electronic floor plan archive? Maybe as an architect, designer or surveyor you wish to keep an electronic record of your passed hand-drawn work and are looking for a cost-effective solution to assist you in the process. De-clutter the office and have your designs accessible at the click of a mouse. Our file formats are usable on most architectural software so you or colleagues will be able to make changes whenever you need to.

We can convert elevations from photos with measurement notes. We can provide existing and proposed plans, location maps and site plans. Useful for a host of reasons ranging from building projects to planning applications, from lighting designs to heating schematics, from furniture visualisation to kitchen design. Etc Etc

We pride ourselves on creating accurate custom house plans exactly how our customers want them. We correct errors free of charge until the work meets our client’s approval.

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