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We are a UK based company working out of our offices in Exeter in Devon.

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"A great building must begin with the immeasurable, must go through measurable means when it is being designed, and in the end must be unmeasured." - Louis Kahn

We are a UK based company working out of our offices in Exeter in Devon. We have been drawing plans for estate agents, private clients, property managers and business owners locally for a good number of years and we strongly believe given the right guidance that anyone could do it. Not wishing to put ourselves out of work we have come up with an idea to use our wealth of talent where it is most suited, in front of a computer drawing technical building plans.

House Plan Direct was created as a solution to the ever-increasing prices associated with owning, marketing, renovating and occupying property. We provide a service that allows our customers to reduce the cost associated with modelling or drawing property by enabling much of the work to be completed by the people who know the property best – the homeowner or property occupier. The service could be helpful for lots of reasons including Marketing for sale or let, carpet fitting, kitchen design, furnishing design, new extensions and even entire new house designs. The service is also useful to the commercial market for creating fire safety plans, or land registry compliant leasehold plans as well as license plans for pubs and hotels and compliance plans for houses of multiple occupancy (HMO) plans. 

Buildings differ in size, shape, and complexity that makes arriving at a price complicated and often time-consuming. This website has been designed to offer a simple and competitive quote and payment portal. The process has been designed to offer exactly the type of house or floor plan our customers need at a fair and competitive price.

Our aim is to guide customers through the process of measuring and sketching property in order to send to us to reproduce on computer software and send it back to them. This will help to save a great deal of money in employing a professional surveyor at high fees to travel to and measure a property. With a wealth of experience of measuring and drawing properties we have developed a guide that is easy to follow that makes measuring a building quick and sketching it clear and simple. The guide has been designed with converting a sketch to CAD in mind and therefore makes it easy and quick for our talented CAD technicians to convert. The guide comes free with every confirmed booking.

We always send the CAD file, a PDF and a Jpeg version of your floor plan. The CAD file allows customers to share their house plan with builders, architects, surveyors and other professionals as the CAD file can be used in most drafting computer programs. It also means floor plans can be updated as and when the building changes, ideas change or the use of the floor plan changes.

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